How To Hold A Handgun

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How To Hold A Handgun. My grip was so hard that the pistol might as well have been in a vise and their grips were not as tuned. When a shooter has a weak or loose grip on the semi-automatic handgun it usually results in the firearm not cycling properly causing the gun to jam.

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This means when you grip the handgun push forward with your shooting hand and pull back with the supporting hand simultaneously. 13 Keep your dominant eye focused on the front sight and make sure youre on the target. The basic premise behind grip tape is that it alleviates much of the slickness on metal or polymer grips offering extra resistance so the gun wont slip out of the shooters hand.

Consider the placement of both hands and using bone structure to help control recoil camming wrist.

Even a rimfire handgun can be a problem if the shooter cannot maintain a consistent and repeatable grip on the gun. With your dominant hand form a V by spreading apart your thumb and index finger. Pistol Grip Your grip is the adaptor the connector that makes the pistol. Hitting multiple targets rapidly and accurately combined with wide target arrays and varying target distances places a premium on a solid grip and stance.