New Technology For Cancer Treatment

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New Technology For Cancer Treatment. The new technology allows the two drugs -- one for chemotherapy and the other for a less-invasive photodynamic therapy treatment -- to be delivered directly to the cancer cells. Cytotron is one such path-breaking invention.

This Shows The Relative Size Of Equipment To The Patient
This Shows The Relative Size Of Equipment To The Patient from

New discovery in breast cancer treatment PostedJanuary 21 2021 Liverpool cancer researchers have contributed to important new findings of the positive role of androgens in breast cancer treatment. IMGT allows for even more precise radiation treatment because it uses technology that can recognize the size and shape of the tumor within the body. For example a radiation therapy appointment for a patient being treated for prostate cancer took 30 minutes.

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Treatment times on older radiation machines can take 10 to 30 minutes depending on the patients diagnosis. Now immunotherapy drugs are being used to treat bladder cancer non-small cell lung cancer head and neck cancer Hodgkin lymphoma and kidney cancer in appropriate patients. With the new LINAC treatment time is less than 10. Filed under cancer israel research science 112220.